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Commprove QuantiQa

Commprove QuantiQa

Video in motion graphics that offers simplification of networks CSPs.

Video in motion graphics that offers simplification of CSPs networks so as to reduce the complexity and offer a hybrid service between fixed and mobile networks.


The video was implemented with several animated graphics which are support to visually illustrate the characteristics of the service presented.


The service enables CSPs to embrace virtualization of networking features to simplify their complexity in the evolution toward a technology “cloudified”.


The main features that the service provides are:


1) A new way to assess bird’s customer experience where you can highlight the presence of network failures in certain geographic areas. This part was created with graphic animations representing a screen where you click on the monitoring console and switch to simplified representation by region, where you can locate the quality of service for the individual users and any outages or interruptions of the network signal.

2) Vertical and horizontal navigation between different levels allows you to use Advanced Analytics on services, applications, devices, users, VIP, Roamers.

3) The monitoring platform supports physical and virtual networks (hybrid networks), thus helping CSPs in a gradual transition to virtualization of network functions. Represented in animated graphics with a cloud cloud with the corporate brand and two icons to the right and left that represent the physical networks, virtual networks and the graph represents their coexistence in hybrid networks.

4) The status of the survey track events from end to end, correlating different networks such as cross-domain transactions: fixed and mobile networks converge; and different technologies, such as Next Generation Networks, LTE, 5 g, IoT. Graphically represented with a vision contrasted between fixed networks and mobile networks, which communicate with each other and are interconnected.


Animation motion graphics support has helped make pleasantand easy to understand the characteristics of the service, thereby facilitating the customer in understanding theproposed service.


2D Animation, Motion Graphics