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Commprove QAsaR

Commprove QAsaR

Motion graphics and 2d illustrations telecommunications regulatory authority


Video made in motion graphics and 2d illustrations, the video is aimed at the telecommunications regulatory authority, responsible for the quality and availability of communication services, mobile and fixed telephony.


The video was produced with animations illustrate, simplifies the concept related to quality security solution that empowers national regulatory authorities to analyse the quality of services and the quality of the experience for each user, for all networks of communications service providers in the country, in real time.


Images and animated illustrations are meant to represent visually with cartoons at a glance what services the company offers, in particular:


  • Efficiency of the services and the measurement of the quality of the experience, combined with customizable views.
  • Geographical coverage from a single node to all networks CSPs.
  • Quality of services and quality of monitoring and improvements of the experiences, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


Video with animated illustrations, motion graphics, becomes a valuable support for the simplification and explanation of service provided. The animated video becomes a valuable tool for companies who want to communicate their services effectively and intuitively.


2D Animation, Motion Graphics