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Knee Prosthesis

Knee Prosthesis

Knee implant surgical technique 3d Animation video


A video made entirely in 3d Animation of Orthopedic Surgical devices, explains all phases of surgery of knee prosthesis. The video is aimed at orthopaedic centres and surgeons who specialize in this area. The animation shows all the steps in the surgical technique femoral and tibial preparation as the optional preparation of the kneecap.


The video shows progressively:

  • The steps leading up to the final fixing of the knee.
  • The measurement phases between tibia and femur.
  • Preparing for implantation.
  • Cutting and precision tools bone resection implanted during the surgery.
  • All components used during surgery, are described with special animated captions inserted into the video.


A great complexity for the making of the video was understanding and interpreting correctly, movements and functions taken for each phase of the operation, so as to achieve the right animation at each step. All this was done thanks to harmony with the customer who was supportive and guide you in all phases of the work, and it is thanks to his teaching support and close cooperation in all phases of work, thanks to its tutorial we made the video, support for physicians and centers specialized in orthopedics.


For the realization of the video which lasts about 12 minutes, we availed ourselves of the support of a external renderfarm, for rendering and computer processing of the individual scenes, this required the use of powerful processors and many computers linked together for the calculation and implementation of images.


All images were created with the latest programs and 3D software, with the global illumination, to have the images as close to reality without technical artifacts typical of traditional 3d rendering. Global illumination, it uses algorithms that simulate lighting light bounces on various surfaces. With this technique is much slower and more expensive, but the end result is much closer to the realism of the photograph or a video camera.


3D Animation, Medicine