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Video Animation Aligners

Video Animation Aligners

Video animation aligners, Video Orthodontic

The Video is made by combining shooting video with 3D animations; clearly explains how you use the aligners “For You First” explaining so all the various stages of the process. Once you open the elegant box, we note that orthodontic aligners are separated and numbered in progression of alignment.

We start with the envelope number 1 top and bottom, until you reach the final alignment where the process is complete, and the teeth will be perfectly fixed and settled.

In the video footage we have presented the product at various stages: the box with the aligners, the envelopes divided into top and bottom and numbered sequentially, we also picked up a girl wearing the top and bottom aligner.

3D animations are often represented schematically, the insertion process of transparent masks and stages, where the teeth line up gradually until you reach the desired position.


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